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Need an Adventure? See the Best Time for Cruising in the Caribbean

Who’s up for an awe-inspiring Caribbean cruise? With more than 15 million people enjoying cruise holidays in Caribbean, this beautiful place is turning out to be the most popular holiday spot. The reason for huge the number of people cruising the Caribbean every holiday season is not far-fetched; it has some of the world’s greatest beaches, exotic islands, and wonderful weather all year round.

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies and some Telenovelas, you will need a little convincing before you take a cruise to Caribbean, the beauty and fun that can be found in this place is out-of-this-world. With over 7000 islands to be explored in Caribbean, even the most conservative and reserved person in the world will like to take a cruise to them islands.

Once you pick the best spot, pick a cruise ship, you are off to a cruise you will forever cherish. But before you make a trip, there are certain things you need to consider so that your trip will be a memorable one.

You need to have a budget; of course, the more you spend the more fun you’ll have. You also need to make a plan, choose the perfect weather and time that will be convenient for you and your traveling buddies or family. If you plan on bringing your children along, you should choose the time that will be best fit for them and won’t weigh too much on your budget.

Alright, let’s take a look at best times to take a cruise to Caribbean depending on number of factors:

Best Time For Best Price on Caribbean Cruise

If you want to get the best price on your cruise to Caribbean, you should probably plan to travel between September and January. According to the information on the Cruise Critic Information site, you will find the best bargains if you travel to Caribbean during the fall seasons with the exception of holiday weeks.

You can as well get the best price during mid April and the end of May. Thus, if you are a little down on budget but still want to experience that awe-inspiring Caribbean cruise, we’ll recommend you plan to travel within these periods mentioned above.

Best Time For Best Weather on Caribbean Cruise

Looking for the best weather on your Caribbean cruise? You should know that the Caribbean is temperate throughout the year. However, the winter season seems to make the weather get chilly and makes swimming a little bit uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want to experience this if you plan on enjoying the snorkeling and scuba diving activities available in this region.

If you want to enjoy water sports in warm temperature without dealing with excessive heat, take your Caribbean cruise during the spring or fall seasons. Choosing spring for this reason is the best, it will help you avoid Hurricane season which usually extends through November.

If you plan on traveling during the winter, you should be aware there are higher flight cancellations in this season. Hence, consider buying trip insurance along with your cruise ticket.

Best Time For Best Holiday in Caribbean

Are you planning to take a vacation with your kids during the Holidays?  You can easily find cruise lines with specially decorated cruise ships in anticipation for Thanksgiving and New Years Day holiday season.

These cruise ships can cruise during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Your children can come along on such trip without missing their schoolwork. If you miss this period, then plan to travel on Easter or other holiday periods such as the President’s Day. Schools are usually on break during these holidays.  The downside is that the tickets tend to get a little pricey during these periods but you will have a great time with your family.


Most cruise lines charge their highest prices for Caribbean cruise during the summer. If money is no object, summer is one of the best times to cruise in Caribbean. Children are on break between July and August, so you can travel with your family. Additionally, this is also the period employers send their employees on vacation.

Best Time for Fewer Passengers

If you are the type that can’t stand too much children as passengers during your trip, you should plan to travel during the school year. The reason for this is that most parents won’t take their children along; therefore, you will mostly encounter adult passengers.


Caribbean cruise is fun. In fact, if you are looking for an exotic trip that you will remember forever, you should take a cruise to Caribbean. To make the best of your trip, ensure you find a good travel guide that will provide you with the information you need to make your travel a successful one.